Website Cyber Security

Website Cyber Security

Why fret about your website’s security? Because you’ve spent a lot of time and energy on your website. Why would you let it get hacked or attacked? It’s the wild west out there on the world wide web. And hackers are lurking. Data miners, Trojan horses and malicious bots. Oh my!

Keep your website safe & secure with the following cyber services:

  • 3rd-Party Security Plug-Ins & Updates
  • Routine Malware & File Scans & File Backups
  • Blacklist/Whitelist Monitoring
  • Post-Hack Actions
  • Firewalls & Brute Force Attack Protection
  • And much more!


Extensive IP Blacklist

ip blacklist iconip blacklist iconAs part of our above & beyond dedication to your website’s safety, we’ll set your site up with an extensive IP blacklist. Denying access to over 25,000 malicious IP addresses and countries. And if you continue to have us monitor your site, we’ll update your blacklist routinely. Resource sharing data between all the sites we maintain and secure. Giving you the most up-to-date protection against the newest and latest cyber threats.

Routine File Backups

file backup iconWho doesn’t have the dreaded fear of losing a file or having valuable files corrupted, accidentally deleted or altered? As part of our security protocol, we can perform regular file backups. And we don’t leave anything to chance. Storing copies of all your files in a minimum of three — yes THREE — locations. Including a secure server, a hard drive and the cloud for easy file retrieval.

Security Plug-Ins & Updates

security plugs-ins security updates iconsecurity plugs-ins security updates iconUsing WordPress for all our website design and content management has its perks. We’ve tested and perfected the use of several 3rd-party plug-ins. We kissed a lotta of frogs along the way. But we’re confident we’ve derived at a cohesive blend of installed programs & software that will keep your site safe & secure. Day & night. With ongoing security protection, we’ll run routine scans and check for any necessary updates.

A dedicated cyber threats monitoring team will use a variety of technological tools to secure & protect your site. Including: All In One WP Security. iThemes Security. Jetpack. Shield Security. Sucuri. Wordfence Security. WP Cerber. Hackers don’t stand a chance!

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